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Travels and hotels and slippers

"Travels and hotels and slippers"

They are a simple means, easy to wear and to take off, of making the act of entering a room after removing your shoes effortless.

This is how slippers take on an important role in daily Japanese life. But other than this, they also are central to traveling and hotels.

Even when you are in a place far away from home, you can always find comfort in a hotel.

And in most Japanese hotels, you are provided with footwear to relax with in your room, that is, slippers.

You can relax and liberate your feet, weary from traveling, from shoes.

In Japan, a place where you can take off your shoes is a place where you can feel safe and comfortable, and relax.

Slippers may not stand out as important, but play a very important role in creating a place that allows for comfort even during travel.

We also produce special orders for hotels and hostels.

We strive to help to create beautiful travel memories.

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